What People are Saying About Billbo’s Blog

I am incredibly humbled by these kind words and so happy that you have found Billbo’s Blog and chose to join the journey.  There are so many in the world, like yourself, that would enjoy a little laughter or perhaps find some comfort and insight.  I need your help to reach them.  Please share this site and together we might bring a little light to the world.

Have just read your piece A Simple Tear. What eloquence, poignancy & wisdom. I enjoyed it very much, will no doubt read it again & again, & look forward very much to reading more of your blog. Beautifully written, incredibly evocative & vivid, & completely joyous. Thank you.xxxxxx 

-Kris.  UK

 You are truly a gifted writer you brought tears to my eyes and moved me deeply.

Thank you my Brother, Honored to call you my friend and brother…

-White Eagle,   2nd Chief External Waccamaw Indian Tribe of South Carolina

Thank you.  There is so much truth in the writing, as you vision the path you walk in Ireland so we here in America as native Indian do too, as the Creator opens doors we too will find our past ,thanks to friends like you, it’s an honor to know and love you.

-Chief Pete Parr of the Pee Dee Indian Tribe of South Carolina

I enjoyed reading your blog on ‘wearing the kilt’.

I do share your views on this and wear it proudly although I do not have a drop of Scottish blood in my veins.

Best wishes,

Gerrit.   Germany

I pray that you find Peace, Love and Laughter on your Journey




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