Path to Geshe

I have posted my 2011 documentary “Path to Geshe” on vimeo. Filmed in the south of India it is one of my first efforts. I hope that you enjoy it.
“Path to Geshe” reveals the laughter and family aspects in a Tibetan monastery. It also brings to life the incredible dedication and joyous effort it takes to become a Geshe.
A Geshe is more than a scholar; he is a teacher, a role model and a community leader. Most importantly he is seen as a direct link to the Buddha and his teachings from over 2500 years ago
Click on this link to view “Path to Geshe” in its entirety
Front: Geshe Jamyang Tashi, Geshe Gompa Namgyal, Geshe Thulga Back: Billbo, Geshe Tsulga, Geshe Pema Tsering, Andrea, Tim



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