Chakra 4

Billbo’s Blog 01/06/2019

This week on Billbo’s Blog comes a video from Billbo’s Wondrous Journey.

Chakra 4

A young girl looks within and discovers the world within and around her.

I created this video, which features Mariko, several years ago for Jon Anderson (YES),.

I have loved and been inspired by Jon Anderson’s music since his earlier days with YES. Always fresh with new ideas and collaborations his amazing body of work as a solo artist continues to grow.

I was honored, humbled and very thankful for the opportunity to produce Chakra-4.



2 thoughts on “Chakra 4

    1. Indeed it is. I find it both freeing and calming to come from a place of beauty and understanding, also ignoring it won’t make it go away. Cheers!

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