The Weight of Darkness

A tired mind

The weight of darkness

An impenetrable veil

Eyes wide open, searching

A silent scream from a mouth agape

Long fingers reaching for light from slender hands

The surrounding darkness closes in

Obscuring all horizons

Eyes searching, but not seeing

A deafening silence pervades

Music is muted there is no singing

Flat and toneless there is no song

Beneath its crushing weight

All breath is stolen, suffocating

Drowning in a murky sea

Sinking, collapsing inward

In a corner of the night

Curled up as a child upon a cold floor

Yet there is a spark

A tiny flame burning within

Now to feed the fire and burn away the night.

On a distant horizon

A new day, a new light is born

The predawn glow brilliantly paints the clouds


August 2019

2 thoughts on “The Weight of Darkness

  1. Thanks Bill.
    I’m glad I took the time to open the page and read it thru. The ending is the best part.


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